Tuscan Crostino (Crouton)


The traditional liver crostino (crouton).

In every Tuscan family; there is a different variation of the liver crostino receipt. In some recipes; there is the usage of some kind of heavy meats, in others there is the usage of lemon. Each area claims its own receipt as the original one, respecting the typical Tuscan parochialism that opposes as enemies even close cities and villages.

The receipt that we selected for the Tuscan crostino is one of the most delicate ones; coming from the areas surround Arezzo, it is based on meat and chicken liver, gherkin, capers and vin santo.

Excellent as an appetizer or aperitif combined with full-bodied red wines, Chianti or blend with a Sangiovese base.

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Ingredients: Chicken livers 38%, Chicken meat 26%, Onions, Extra-virgin Olive Oil, Capers in Vinegar, Pickled cucumbers, Fortified wine, Salt, White wine, Garlic, Pepper, Marjoram, Sage.

Warm it slightly, spread it on brad or crostini (crouton).

Once opened, conserve it in the fridge for maximum 7 days.


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