Tuscan Truffle crostino


One of the possible variables of the traditional liver crostino, has it combined with another key ingredient from the Tuscan cuisine; the truffle. Our recipe for the Truffle crostino branded Volaterra with which you can prepare delicate crostini with a strong personality, re-propose this combination that seems particularly appreciated by the real experts. Excellent as an appetizer or aperitif together with full-bodied red wines.

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Ingredients: Chicken liver, Chicken meat, Onions, Extra-virgin Olive Oil, Capers in Vinegar, Pickled cucumbers, Truffle Condiment (Olive oil, aroma) 3%, Black Summer Truffle (Tuberum Aestivum Vitt.) 2%, Fortified wine, Salt.

Warm it slightly, spread it on brad or crostini (crouton).

Once opened, conserve it in the fridge for maximum 7 days.




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