Porcini Mushrooms ragu


The porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) grow spontaneously in the broad-leaved woods or in coniferous all over the Tuscan Apennine area and in the hills.

The harvest of these fine mushrooms with a unique aroma, represents today an excellent opportunity to enter the woods for long walks into the nature, when the autumn season gifts you of sunny days after long humid and rainy periods.

The porcini mushrooms are utilized all over Italy to flavour delicious pasta dishes, but in Tuscany, everyone knows, we are lovers of meat. Maybe even for this reason, we developed the custom of adding this ingredient into tasteful bovine and pork meat ragu.

From this tradition, the Porcini mushrooms ragu, branded Volaterra, was born; excellent to add to the egg Tagliatelle, bran pasta, but also to Lasagne and polenta.

Choosing a full-bodied red wine is highly recommended.

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Ingredients: Tomatoes cut into cubes, Bovine meat 31%, Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) 10%, Pork meat 8%, Onions, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Red wine, Salt, Garlic, Pepper, Marjoram, Sage.

Pour the product in a pan, slightly warm it up, add the just drained pasta.

Once opened, conserve it in the fridge for maximum 7 days.


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