Wild boar Pâté


Excellent as an appetizer or aperitif.

The wild boar meat has always been the Absolut protagonist of the Tuscan cuisine. To the typical ragu, salumi (cured meats), and stews, there are also receipts needed to prepare tasty appetizers based on this meat with unique characteristics. Also in the range of the Volaterra branded crostini, the wild boar patè, with which you can make delicious crostini (croutons) could not miss. However, the wild boar patè is suitable for any various use.

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Ingredients: Wild boar meat 38%, Pomodoro cut into cubes, Pork heart, Pork liver, Onions, Extra-virgin olive oil, Olives, red wine, Salt, dark chocolate (contains soya lecithin), Garlic, Pepper, Sage, Rosemary.

Warm it slightly, spread it on brad or crostini (crouton).

Once opened, conserve it in the fridge for maximum 7 days.


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